View Full Version : UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Need advice-cavy not eating and blood from rear

09-18-17, 08:21 pm
I noticed my guinea pig hasn't been eating a lot lately but she's not loosing any weight. Her cagemate recently died of old age and I figured maybe ivy never ate a lot anyways and Lizzie was just a pig, she'd eat all day if I'd let her. But recently it's gone from ivy eating less to almost nothing at all, she didn't even finish her lettuce I gave her yesterday and she's crazy about her lettuce. She won't even touch the crunchy treats she likes so much either. I've noticed yesterday that her bedding where she had peed had a red tint to it and I just figured that this batch of shavings had some red pieces in it. I could here ivy making some weird squeaking noises that I haven't heard before, sounds like pain or fear so I picked her up to see what was wrong and there was some fresh blood on her bottom, what I assume to be her vagina. I then realized the red shavings must have been where she peed and possibly bled on them. Everything I've read online points to a uti or bladder/kidney stones. However I am in a tough spot at the moment and do not have the funds for a vet visit, X-rays,possibly an ultra sound or surgery. Is there anything I can do at home to help ease her discomfort and get her taken care of. She is still acting exactly as she was before this came up, the only difference in her behavior is that she's not eating and she's making those painful squeaking sounds

09-18-17, 08:27 pm
Squeaking while peeing or pooping is a classic sign of bladder stones. This is NOT something you can treat yourself, and it can turn into a painful, life-threatening emergency in an instant if a stone falls into her urethra and blocks the flow of urine.

She MUST see a vet immediately. If you're lucky, it will be a small stone that can be passed if she's given extra fluids by syringe or by sub-q. If not, it will require surgery.

The fact that she's not eating makes it even more serious. There's a saying that a guinea pig that's not eating is a guinea pig that's dying, and there's a lot of truth to that. Guinea pigs are wired to need food passing through their gut at all times, or else the stomach acid will eat painful, possible fatal holes in the stomach and intestines.

Please see if you can arrange to borrow the money to take her to the vet. It's not fair to her to have her suffer from a medical condition that you don't have the fund to treat. She depends on you for everything in her life, and medical care is just as much a part of responsible pet care as food and bedding.

09-19-17, 05:58 am
Thank you. I'll see what I can get together to take her to vet