View Full Version : Hair Loss Guinea pig has been losing hair for months

09-17-17, 07:54 am
One of my three guinea pigs has been losing hair since a few months ago. When she originally started losing hair I asked an online vet and they suggested it couldve been an ovary cyst? They also said it might be mites so they recommended a dip for dogs and cats. But after getting it and after research apparently it's harmful for guinea pigs? Anyway my parents refused to take her to the vet so we had to wait until she showed any other signs. She's eating a lot, really hyperactive, and pooping and peeing normally? She doesn't seem sick but she has a lot of spots without hair and Im not sure how to treat it? She has been looking skinny but im not sure of that's because of loss of hair. Her mom is in the same cage as her and she's not losing any hair.

09-17-17, 08:32 am
I am saying its most likely an ovarian cyst which needs to be looked at by an experienced exotic vet.

09-17-17, 09:27 am
How old is she? Is she scratching a lot? And does she live by herself or with another pig?

The hair loss on her flanks suggests ovarian cysts, which would require surgery or hormone treatments.

The hair loss on her back looks more like she's scratching, and might have mites. You can treat those yourself: https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/111160-How-to-treat-for-mites-and-lice