View Full Version : Hello, meet Nova, Abby, and Reese!

09-07-17, 11:21 am
Hey there! My name is Mysty, and my family owns 3 guinea pigs! Their names are Nova, Abby, and Reese.

We got them on June 16th, 2017, from a man who owned a 'farm' with a lot of different animals. I suppose he got two females who were pregnant, and they gave birth around the same time. I estimate that they were born in early May, so we say they were born on May 4th.

Prior to buying our pigs, we did a lot of research about what they eat, pellets, different types of hay, housing, etc. When we arrived at the man's house, there were about 10 piggies (two female adults) cramped in a tiny cage. They didn't have any hay (only grass) and he fed them rabbit pellets. Also, he never fed them fresh veggies. We knew that we needed to get them to a better home.

On the way to get them, I was telling my mom that I hoped he had an all-black one. Surprisingly, he did! Little Nova is all-black with a small white nose. She is definitely the most social one; whenever we approach the cage, she will come bounding up to the sides and stand up for us. She only likes being pet on her nose, though - if you touch her back, she gives off a high pitched purr. She is pretty small but loves her vegetables. She's a snuggly little girl who loves to nuzzle in the crook of your neck.

My sister got Abigail (but we call her Abby). She is a brown and white pig with ears that can only be compared to Dumbo! She's a nervous piggie, and you can usually find her hiding under a house. If you approach her, there's a 90% chance she will run away. She's okay with being pet on her nose, but if you pet her back, she will bolt. She absolutely despises being picked up, so we try not to force her to do anything she doesn't want to (we still have lap time and floor time, but we wait until she's calm.) She has a bad habit of biting the collar of your shirt and tugging at it.

Finally, my mom has Reese. We named her after the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups because of her coloring; her coat is a mix of a greyish brown, white, and orange. She's certainly the most dominant one out of the three. Unlike her sisters, she loves being pet on her back and will make happy noises for you if you stroke her. Often times when you pet her back, she'll stretch out and occasionally nuzzle your hand. However, this little piggie loves to bite. If you do something she doesn't like, she'll let you know! She dislikes her chin being rubbed and despises you touching her back paws. However, she is brave and adventurous.

So those are our piggies! They are the lights of our life, and we absolutely adore them.

11-28-17, 03:37 pm
Hey guys! So, we got another guinea pig. Her name was Scarlet, and the people that were rehoming her had had her for two years, but were unsure of how old she was exactly. We renamed her Raven (she's black and white, plus her attitude reminds my sister and I of Raven Branwen from RWBY). We started by seeing if she'd get along with our other three. Needless to say, it didn't go so well with Reese. Both of them are super dominant and did NOT like the other being sassy. Lots of loud teeth chattering and repeated huffs of aggression. We figured that it wouldn't be a good match. Her and Nova didn't click either; I got a bad vibe from it. Nova is very energetic and spritely and Raven's super calm and easy going, but very dominant. Nova annoyed Raven and Raven retaliated by lunging. No bloodshed, thank goodness. Finally, we tried Abby. We really didn't think it would work; Abby is so scared and anxious and timid. Imagine our surprise when she kept approaching Raven! At first, Raven was clear that she wanted to be dominant; bum nips, teeth chattering, a bit of rumbling. Abby was perfectly fine with Raven being boss, and would show her that she wasn't interested. Raven soon got over her hostility (she still chases and nips her a bit, but I think it's just dominance and not aggression) and soon they were chilling next to each other. I think Raven looked at Abby like a daughter, and Abby feels protected by Raven. I'm really glad it's been working out! Never in a million years would I have thought she'd be compatible with Abby; I honestly thought it would be Nova. Abby's still a bit jumpy when Raven comes near her, but they're getting along so well.