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08-19-17, 08:52 pm
Hello, I am new to this forum. I hope someone can advise me. I have two rescue guinea pigs that I adopted one year ago. They said they thought they were 3, but I believe they are probably 5-6 now, due to them moving slowly (since I adopted) and Polly has a cataract, she had it when I adopted her.

Recently, in the past 4 days, I have been home a lot and notice Polly pulling the hair on her sister Penny's butt (they are Texels). They have always done this in play and chased a little after. However, since 4 days ago, only Polly has been doing it to Penny. Also, Penny does not seem happy. I heard her make 2 new sounds in the past 4 days: one was almost a "growling" and unhappy clicking, the other was just shrieking (not the good kind, like when she gets lettuce). It got bad tonight, I saw a chunk of fur Polly took out of Penny. I have them separated in their cage--they each have every item they need and they can see each other through the grid of the cage, and even rub against each other through the grid if they want.

They seen to be just fine and happy--my question is, is Polly dying? I am planning on taking her in Monday morning. This behaviour of pulling out Penny's hair is not normal for her and Penny seems unhappy. They have always been very bonded, the rescue said they were more bonded than some other piggys they have seen. Polly has always been the "boss pig" as far as I can tell, but this doesn't seem right.

Thank you so much for reading, I'm sure this is very long but I thought I could perhaps get some advice from veteran piggy owners, this is my first pair.

08-19-17, 08:57 pm
Actually, it's more likely that Penny is sick. Pigs have a sixth sense about another pig's illness, and will often follow them around and generally aggravate them. Penny is the one I'd take to the vet, although taking both might not be a bad idea.

08-19-17, 09:01 pm
Okay, thank you!! I hadn't even thought of that. I figured I would take both if I took one, but this helps me a lot. Thanks!!