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08-16-17, 11:33 pm
Hi all, I've been a long-time lurker here (I joined back in 2014 when I adopted my first piggy), and want to get a bit more active here.

I have three boys - Stevie (3 years), Scooter (2 years) and Skip (very young). I understand the troubles that many have with three boars, and will be monitoring them very closely over the next year. I am totally prepared to separate if need be, but so far, all three get along like a house on fire, and play together, eat together and sleep together. I love my boys!


Thanks to all of the moderators and users for this wonderful website - the Guinea Pig Cages forum has been a very useful resource over my time of guinea pig ownership, and has taught me an awful lot about what is best for my boys. See you all around the forums!

08-18-17, 10:57 am
Welcome Fluff ! Beautiful boys you have, I am happy they are getting along well

08-18-17, 03:05 pm
They are very beautiful, I agree. I love abbys :) Let us know how it goes with them!

08-19-17, 08:26 am
Happy to have you as an active member of the Forum! Good thing you live so far away......I've been known to pignap Abbys. :crazy:

Guinea Pig Papa
08-19-17, 01:33 pm
Welcome to the forum, fluffbutt! Looking forward to having you be an active member. Your boys are adorable!

And, spy9doc , I thought you didn't mind driving long distances? :)

08-19-17, 02:38 pm
And, @spy9doc (https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/member.php?u=19714) , I thought you didn't mind driving long distances? :)

Leave it to a geocentric Canuck to think one can drive to Australia! lol

Guinea Pig Papa
08-19-17, 02:41 pm
Hahaha I was being a smartass. Perks of my job :)

08-20-17, 05:23 am
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone - I will tell the boys you like them :P

I'm not sure whether it's a Queensland or Australian thing, but Abbys seem to outnumber short haired breeds here! I have seen a couple, but seem to always see the longer-haired breeds (particularly abbys and shebas) in rescues etc. See you all round the forums :)