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08-14-17, 03:40 pm
In the cage with yellow fleece, my guinea pig's pee would be like a red, then it would turn dark and then disappear. I then saw it again and blotted it with a paper towel, and it was orange pee. I have my guinea pig roaming around now on a white towel, and he peed again and it's definitely an orange pee. In between a regular orange and a pastel orange, its pretty light. I brought my guinea pig to the vet the other day for another health problem and he did a full body X-ray. turns out the little guy was only bloated, and that was the only health problem, so i know it's not kidney stones. He doesn't make any noises when he pees either, so doesn't seem like he's in pain. Any advice?

08-14-17, 03:46 pm
Guinea pig pee comes out clear, but can oxidize and turn orange when it's exposed to the air. You might not have anything to worry about, especially since you ruled out stones. Blood in the urine makes it either pink or red, not orange.

08-14-17, 03:54 pm
I've never seen this before with all the other times he has peed, why is it happening now?

08-14-17, 04:16 pm
Not sure. Since it doesn't seem like he's in any pain and the vet didn't find anything, I'd opt for watchful waiting for now. If at any point he seems to be standing around puffed up in the cage or not eating much, I'd take him to the vet again.

08-14-17, 06:35 pm
How old is he?

And please don't start multiple threads on problems with your pig. If this were on his regular thread, we'd know how old he is. It just makes it too hard to keep up with what's going on if the pertinent information is all over the forum.

08-14-17, 10:53 pm
He is 7 months old. Also, he's on anti-inflammatory medication, Metacam. It started happening right after his vet visit when the vet told me to take him off of veggies for 3 days for all that gas to pass and give him 0.33 cc once a day of metacam. So i'm not sure if its the medication or the lack of veggie intake that's causing this?

08-14-17, 11:06 pm
Could be either. I wouldn't worry about it. If it were blood, the color would be pink or red, not orange.

08-14-17, 11:12 pm
it seems like every time he pees, it makes that stain. Is that normal?

08-15-17, 12:08 am
On antibiotics, yes, it could do that. And color could stain, yes. I think after the medicine is done and wait a few days for It exit the body, then check again. I bet it will be clear again.

08-15-17, 09:44 am
I have had this happen before, completely out of the blue, when there was honestly nothing that had changed with my girls. it went on for a few days, then went away again. Blood in pee is very obvious, I personally don't believe this is the case here. Bloody pee is a muddy brown/pink to bright red colour. Orange pee is typically down to oxidization when it comes into contact with the air. Keep a watchful eye, as you are doing at the moment, make sure to keep his water fresh daily and I am sure it will clear up on it's own.

08-15-17, 03:13 pm
Ok this is great to hear! Bc everytime i see this orange/red spot in the cage, i pat it down with a paper towel and it seems to absorb it all and comes out orange. So thats good to hear it's not blood. He still has about a week and a half on the antibiotics, so is this orange pee going to affect him badly? i know he's doing it a lot because i have to clean him everyday since the orange pee is staining his bottom ( he has white fur)

08-15-17, 11:12 pm
Going to affect him badly? What do you mean? Stain his fur, yes for a while but new fur will grow back. It won't be forever. Eventually the orange pee will go away after the antibiotics are out of his system.

08-15-17, 11:30 pm
I just wanted to make sure that since the antibiotics is most likely what's making his pee orange, and he still has a week and a half on it, that it's not affecting him.

08-16-17, 11:51 am
I just wanted to make sure that since the antibiotics is most likely what's making his pee orange, and he still has a week and a half on it, that it's not affecting him.

Its helping his body fight off what's Illing him but as far as long term affect, no. I hope he feels better but the urine thing, think about when you eat something that affects your body. Like beets turn your poops red and there is a dye you can safely consume (like the stuff they put in beer to make it green for st. Patties day when you are 21 or over) that turns your pee green. It doesn't last long but it will scare you. That's all you are seeing. I hope this helps.

I ask this this a lot because I love seeing other people's babies. Can we see a picture of yours?

08-16-17, 10:52 pm
Thank you so much! All of you been really helpful, I get like a really paranoid mom with my little guy lol! I'll give an update when I bring him to the vet for his check-up next week. And sure thing, he has a thing for the camera, he loves it!831968319783198

08-21-17, 04:32 pm
his lips are now chapped, is this bad? it looks very minimal, just dry lips.

08-21-17, 04:35 pm
Picture? Guinea pigs don't usually get chapped lips, but it may be the beginning of cheilitis. See http://www.guinealynx.info/cheilitis.html.

08-21-17, 05:13 pm
Doesn't look anything like that. This was the best pic I could get, he wouldn't stop moving. It's only on his bottom lip. I'll include two pictures. The first one is an hour ago, and the second is now. Seemed like some of it came off8323483235

08-21-17, 05:31 pm
Are you able to wipe it off or is it stuck on there?

08-21-17, 06:14 pm
It seems to come off. I couldn't really touch his lips Bc he wouldn't let me but him squirming and playing with his lips did get some off so I'm pretty sure it can come off. It loooks like dry,flaky skin to me.

08-21-17, 08:56 pm
I'm betting on boar glue.

08-21-17, 09:04 pm
What is boar glue?

08-21-17, 09:09 pm
Dried semen.

08-21-17, 09:10 pm
How would that get on his lip?

08-21-17, 10:00 pm
Because he's doing something you can't.

08-22-17, 01:30 am
When he's eating his poops it's probably transferring, if you get the drift

08-22-17, 02:45 am
One of my boys is notorious for getting his own boar glue on his mouth and chin. I even caught him in the act once.

How? Well they are very flexible, they have to be able to bend down to eat their cecal poops so it isn't that much of a stretch to be able to figure out how they get their own glue on their mouths.

08-22-17, 07:58 am
Actually not, wigglemish. They're very limber, and can easily bend over far enough to pleasure themselves.

08-22-17, 07:59 am
Actually not, @wigglemish (https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/member.php?u=39335). They're very limber, and can easily bend over far enough to pleasure themselves.

Oooh my gosh! Haha XD Never had boars! Little munchkins!

08-22-17, 02:31 pm
They're very limber, and can easily bend over far enough to pleasure themselves.

They pleasure themselves? Is that what my boar Flynn does when he bends over and stays like that for a while, biting/licking/doing something with his genitals?

08-22-17, 03:18 pm
You got it. Wait til he gets a huge glob of boar glue stuck to his nose.

Guinea Pig Papa
08-22-17, 03:48 pm
Hahaha, Punkin and Scooter are ALWAYS mounting each other, but Scooter mounts Punkin from the wrong end. Punkin had a big glob of boar glue right between his eyes a few months ago. I howled.

08-22-17, 06:56 pm
LMAOROF. Another reason I'm glad I got sows. Not saying they might not do that but what I don't see I don't have to know. I hate pointing out a picture of the celery... but now, I would think twice.

11-19-17, 01:52 pm
I have this going on with my 5 yr old male...have a super great exotic only vet in Orl Fl that took his bladder stone out in July...It usually means dehydration he said, so I started w syringe water feed and it cleared...then came back, also he is on new antibiotic so I emailed him could it be that? He is fine...but he is not drinking as much as usual, X-ray recent showed no new stone, he got lung infection and after 2 months on nebulizer treatments and 2nd better antibiotic he is turning around great, eating etc...try and note if piggie is drinking...make sure lettuce extra wet and then syringe water will work also...hope that helps, Kay , GP mom of 7 yrs...oh also, if question is it blood, put peroxide on it, if it bubbles its blood, vet taught me that