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11-20-05, 03:02 am
Look at these!!!:eek:
(Edit by Ly: 1st link removed as there was no problem with cage, member posted wrong link)

11-20-05, 03:24 am
I saw that first link this morning somewhere...dont you just love the quote: " my piggies are not spoiled ". The whole setup is way to " plastic " and cramped with bits and pieces to me.


11-20-05, 03:25 am
What's wrong with the cage in the first link? I think the "mansion" is taking up a lot of floor space - but it isn't small...
The second link isn't small either, just a few too many pigs.
I don't think either of those are anywhere near as bad (in fact they're really not bad at all..) as the ones previously posted.

11-20-05, 03:30 am
In saying what i did about them I don't think the actual cages are small in the first link and the pigs in them are very big and healthy looking...In the second pic as you said bree I reckon the cage is decent but to many pigs in it...


11-20-05, 05:55 am
Oops.. the first link isn't supposed to be there.. I put up the wrong link - it was actually to a breeders caviary, and they were way too small... sorry wrong link.. the one I posted isn't too small I know:crazy:

11-20-05, 05:57 am
This is the link I meant to put:o

Cavie Cove
11-20-05, 06:03 am
Is that a wheel I see in with the guineas?

11-20-05, 07:12 am
Yes I saw a wheel too. As for the first link, I know it was not supposed to be there but, I really like the cage and I think the name stinky pee butt is hilarious.

11-20-05, 07:13 am
We feed them quality cavy pellets enriched with all apropriate vitamins, timothy /alfalfa hay and a daily treat of fresh produce which varies from apples, green peppers, carrots etc.

Vegetables are not a daily treat, they are a staple. I'm going to write them an email

11-20-05, 08:39 am
The first link is of a GLer named Zookeeper. I would think she cares for them very much if they have a pram of their very own.

11-20-05, 08:59 am
Yes, I posted the wrong link.:o

11-20-05, 10:27 am
I am removing the very first link as there is nothing wrong with zookeeper's cage. I also know zookeeper from gl and I think she'd be quite upset if you thought her cage was too small.

As for the 2nd link, that is no where near 19 sq. ft. Those kiddie pools are just slightly under the size of a 3x3, I have one of them that I use outside sometimes. The connecting cage is a 2x2.5 which is tiny. I saw at least 4-5 pigs in that tiny setup. It shouldn't use plastic bins and there are way too many pigs in it. There is really no room for doing "mad laps".

As for the last link, it's horrid. I feel bad for the piggies living in those tiny rubbermaid containers and too small coroplast boxes. No running room and some don't even have a hiding place. These people apparently don't know anything about cubes because they are calling them "1 ft wide cubes". We all know that cubes measure 14"-15". It is also apparent that these people do not have a clue when it comes to proper cavy care based on the "wheel" and the "diet" information they have on their website.

11-27-05, 08:26 pm
I also noticed that the containers hung off the cubes about an inch or so. This may not seem like alot but if a piggy got excited ( Although, I doubt they get too giddy living there) Or someone bumped into it, it could send the pig falling to the ground. And the guinea pig in the bin on the top shelf looks as though it could jump out! Not safe, amd certainly not big enough. It honestly looks as though somebody said 'Let's go out and get some guineas, but only use stuff that we find laying about the house to put them in...' 'Brilliant!'

11-28-05, 09:43 am
What's the point of using cubes and coroplast if you're going to shove your pigs in a 1x2??

Matt & Guins
11-29-05, 04:56 am
The thing I worry about with those rubbermaid tubs are the fact that it is soo easy for the cavy to jump over the sides!! I know my boys would easily jump over those.


12-12-05, 10:41 am
those rubber bins need to be way bigger than that!