View Full Version : Mites Bugs appeared on dead piggy a day later--normal??

08-10-17, 10:42 pm
I was looking at some old posts and they say that crusty eyes are a sign of problems in guinea pigs. My 4 year old guinea pig died a few days ago and every week or so I would wipe away what I thought was sleep. Was I wrong? The past month her squeals were quieter and raspier. I just gave her more water but now I know it was a sign of death. Also, I waited a day to bury her, and when I opened the box one last time, I noticed there were these tiny, yellowish bugs on the tips of her fur. Are those part of the decomposition/death process or did she have mites? (There were no previous signs of mites like blood or fur loss)

08-10-17, 11:15 pm
Crusty eyes can be a sign of an upper respiratory infection in guinea pigs, or of an eye infection. But combined with differences in breathing, she almost certainly had a respiratory infection, and a visit to the vet for some antibiotics would likely have saved her.

Bugs on the tip of the are not mites, which are microscopic, burrow under the skin, and can't be seen with the naked eye. They might have been lice.