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08-05-17, 05:59 pm
Just wanted to share what my girls‘ cage looks like! https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20170805/b0d17b77f76f43c9fb11c5170f165950.jpg Mind the bar and glare, the cage is underneath my loft bed. They have a midwest cage that i’ve expanded by connecting an open ended playpen to! The kitchen area has paper bedding (changed 2x a week), and the rest of the cage and the playpen are lined with towels covered with white fleece. The playpen area serves as a space where they can run around and hide and do laps, the big portion of the cage is where i serve their veggies in a pile and is also where the hides they like to sleep in are, and the kitchen area is where their hay, pellets, and water are, as well as where they do their business. Originally, I had a petstore cage that was way to small and I am so glad that I upgraded! They love it so much more and are MUCH happier in this cage!

08-05-17, 06:01 pm
ps their cage has actually been rotated to make cleaning easier and I attached the wrong picture so here’s what it’s like right now!