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07-29-17, 08:25 pm
So I'm trying to litter train my 3 boars, and it's actually going pretty well so far but I have a problem where my hyperactive pigs run around and end up tipping over their litter box. The litter box is just one of those small "Tupperware boxes that are like 13x9. I cut a small bit of it away so they can walk in and out without getting too much of the paper bedding everywhere. My boys tip it over and get bedding everywhere. Does anyone have any idea on how i can keep it from tipping?

07-29-17, 08:43 pm
Poke holes and zip tie it to the cage.

07-29-17, 11:29 pm
You could put a few heavy rocks in it

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07-30-17, 08:46 am
Some cavies are just naturally tidy and can be encouraged (notice I didn't say trained) to use a litter box. My previous boar was probably 95% litter trained. When out of the cage for lap time, he would give very clear signals of his toilet needs. I would take him back to the cage and put him in the litter box where he would almost immediately take advantage of that. I then could take him back out for continued lap time. But, he was an exception. You CAN work with them in various ways to encourage cage hygiene.

I've had my current two boys since they were very young and have done almost nothing to litter train them other than provide a convenience. I have small kitten litter boxes both in the loft and on the main level. I put a layer of hay over the litter and the boys love to lounge in the litter box......eat hay and poop. We're forced to keep the litter boxes clean because Sparky is a Dalmatian and his white belly gets soiled easily.

How to keep them from moving the box? Yes, you can zip tie it to the cage, but then it's a PITA to remove it for cleaning. BTW, if you do want to use zip ties, a heated ice pick will make nice clean holes.

Do you have an Ocean State Job Lot nearby? I buy these tiny bungee cords that I use for extra support for water bottles and to secure items to the cage. My recent favorite is to bond/glue/cement flat metal weights to the bottom of the litter box so that it will be too heavy to move around. My Chip will try to rearrange anything in the cage to suit him, so I have had to be creative with both litter boxes and the pellet bowl to thwart his moving efforts.