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07-20-17, 05:12 pm
So on July 4th we were at a BBQ at my uncles and my Mother and Sister went to go pick up some pizzas on the way out a man was giving away all his Guinea Pigs that had lived on a Nice Farm but the man had to move and couldn't take them all he only had one pig left as the last 3 had been adopted so they got the Guinea Pig he had said that the the Pig was still a baby and liked spending time on his own he loved being with the humans more than his brothers and sisters should I get a second guinea pig or should I let the Guinea Pig stay alone. It seems very happy and everything has lots of toys I still need a few more things like a proper hay rack but anyway what should i do? By the way I have been doing Piggy research since 2014 and many people recommend 2

Guinea Pig Papa
07-20-17, 05:26 pm
Guinea pigs are almost always happier in pairs. Sometimes you'll find a pig that just can't get along with any other pigs, but even living next to another in separate cages where they can see and smell and "talk" to each other is better than being alone.

07-20-17, 06:26 pm
Here are a few links that will help answer your questions:


And finally, here's everything you need to know on how to bond them successfully:


A few of my own words...guinea pigs are happier, more active, and tamer when they are living with a friend or 2. They naturally live in herds consisting of 9 of more guinea pigs in the wild, but obviously, most people cannot afford 9+ guinea pigs so I find the majority have either 2 or 3. Do not be fooled - males can get along with males and their bond can be just as good as 2 females. You can have 2 males, 2 females, a fixed male with a female, oa fixed female with a male, a fixed male with a pair or group of females, or a pair or group of fixed females with a male. It mainly comes down to the guinea pig's individual personality when it comes to bonding them with others. Dominant-submissive pairs work best. If you choose to adopt from a shelter, which you should, no pet stores of breeders please, they may be able to help you find a submissive pig, or a dominant pig, whichever you need. Just remember to introduce them properly and give them the right sized cage (see main page). Go as big as you can, the bigger the cage the better.

07-20-17, 06:43 pm
Hello! Yes, two is good, but the more the better!! Guinea pigs are herd animals and like to be in groups/pairs.
Some guinea pigs who are alone can get depressed easily. So almost everyone on this forum
suggests that new piggie owners get either two or more guinea pigs!

Good luck :-)

07-20-17, 10:27 pm
Okay, I'm putting my two cents in, so nobody jump me. If you can spend 2/3rds of your time with a piggie, yes one is okay but when you think you can, a little bump in life can happen and suddenly you don't have time anymore but feed, clean, and pet a little. Talk a little. That's not enough.

I had Shiemi by herself and I knew I could spend almost all my time with her which I did. We were happy! Then that bumps life, my mom had a heart attack and I can't spend the time I was with Shiemi. My mom is first. I can still care for Shiemi but she is getting lonely, I see it in her eyes. She's not popcorning and zooming like she was. So now I'm adopting a new baby (Shiemi's 4 months). Day before I get the new one, I'm cleaning the cage. I hope my mom won't need me much on the 29th.

So yeah, I think you should get two. I pass Shiemi's cage and pet her. She gets all happy I'm there but when I walk away, she rattles the cage and weeks sadly. Then she's mad at me some days when I don't pet her at all the previous day.

Life happens. Be prepared.

07-21-17, 08:37 am
Definitely get a 2nd, their true personalities come out when they have a friend. And there are so many piggies out there who need a loving home! If you want help finding a rescue near you just let us know.

07-21-17, 10:27 am
So If i do decide to adopt should I let my first Guinea Pig get settled in

07-21-17, 11:05 am
You can go right ahead. Is your guinea pig a male or female? You didn't mention the gender in your post. If you are unsure you may post a few pictures of its genitals and we will be able to help you identify the gender. Many people are unsure how to sex a guinea pig so that's what they do - post pictures.

Just a little tip, male genitals usually look like a lowercase "i". If you gently push right above the genitals, you may be able to feel a little bump. If so, it's male. Females don't have the little bump and it feels flat and soft in that area. If the male is old enough, you may even be able to see that bump without having to feel it. The testicles are obvious as well as the pig get's older. If you push above the genitals for few seconds you may notice a penis coming out. Female genitals usually look like an uppercase "Y".

07-22-17, 12:00 am
Tbh I might have to wait if it's a boar I have limited space and it doesn't like being carried

07-22-17, 08:21 am
Actually, if you press down immediately above the genitals, it's not a bump you'll feel, but the penis bone. If you roll your finger crossways across the abdomen just above the genitals, you should feel it rolling under your finger. And there's no bump to be seen on any male I've ever looked at.

See http://www.cavyspirit.com/sexing.htm for help on how to know which is which.

07-22-17, 08:43 am
Sorry, I didn't know what to call it. What I meant is that I can clearly see the penis bone without having to feel it.