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07-19-17, 01:47 pm
Greetings! Yo! Sup! CD here! I would like to introduce myself! I'm 14 and crazy guinea pig lover, I would love to get to know some fellow Cavy crazy kids! I'm also a member of HH (HansterHideout) as I previously owned hamsters! I've been caring for guinea pigs since I was eight, but I have only adopted my third Piggy just recently, and thought I might try a forum for tips and (if) there are any emergencies, get help and feedback! Fellow ship in the Cavy world sure does make a difference! I'm super excited to begin my great journey and meet new people! Pictures of Theo will certainly be appearing soon, I promise, but since I just adopted him he's a bit camera shy and I don't want to stress him, thanks for reading! Message me if you want to talk bc I SURE do a lot of that! ;)

07-19-17, 03:12 pm
Hey! I'm also a completely cavy crazy kid, raising my fur babies out of my own pocket. (Seriously, my parents won't pay one little bit, because they think we have enough pets with three cats and a dog.) I also have five bettas, and I breed mystery snails! Now a little bit about my pigs. I had two pigs, Pax and Lincoln, both male, until April when Pax passed away from a heart condition. �� Now, Lincoln is getting a double layer 6'x2' cage to share with two females that I am adopting from Camp Cavy GP Rescue in August!! (Don't worry, Lincoln is neutered.) I'm super happy to finally meet someone on here who is my own age, and I really like to talk as well!

08-25-17, 07:44 pm
That's so awesome! I thought I replied to this a long long time ago but I guess it didn't post for some reason :/ sorry to just leave you like that! It's so awesome to know there are peeps like me on here! I'm sure we'll be awesome buddies in the future :D

08-28-17, 10:04 am
Well, I got the new pigs! Scout and Penny. Also I included my favorite picture of Lincoln!