View Full Version : Coroplast Alternatives to coroplast?

07-18-17, 12:36 pm
So. I can't find coroplast anywhere. And where I can, it's well out of my budget range. I was wondering if there are some alternatives to it?
I was thinking, maybe I could use plywood, line it with some kind of water-proof plastic (which will ofc all be covered by the fleece lining) and use that. If you guys have suggestions, please tell me. I'm pretty desperate here. Thanks in advance.

07-18-17, 12:53 pm
If you look at the Main tab at the top of the page, it leads to all sorts of information about cages. Anything waterproof will do, but you have to be sure the pigs can't get to it to chew it. One of the reasons coroplast is good is that it's tough enough that the pigs can't eat much of it. But if you use something like a shower curtain, which will work just fine, the pigs will definitely eat it if they can get to it.