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10-10-02, 09:55 am
I'm really starting to worry. I've had guinea pigs since I was little. Anyway, after my last ones regretfully passed away, I went out and got 2 about 6 months later. They're supposed to be 5 months and 3 months old. The problem is.. every other time I've had pigs that age, they've been a LOT bigger than these ones. They still look like they did when they wre only about 2 months old they haven't gotten any bigger and I'm starting to get worried. They get a good supply of vegetables, pellets and hay everyday.
So, I'm wondering if there's any reason that they may be so small ?
I'm just not sure if they're supposed to be this small so it's kind of worrying me. Any advice would be really helpful. Thank you

11-03-02, 08:46 pm
i dont think you should worry two much. I have had two sets of guineapigs. The first two were small pretty much all their life and only got bigger as they were reaching 3-4 years. Now my second set of guineapigs are around a year old but they are getting very big.
I think there may be something where you can get dwarf guineapigs because i have seen massive ones compared to my little ones.
Dont worrie enjoy them while they are little! :)
Lauren Gillanders

07-31-03, 06:32 pm
don't worry too much..