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11-17-05, 02:57 pm
My friend has a bunny and she is litter training him. What is the best litter? Is yesturdays news any good? Thanks for any help.


11-17-05, 03:05 pm
yesterdays news is good. it really comes down to what the bun prefers. Mine used yesterdays news for a year and then decided he didnt like that anymore. I tired sweetscoope and various other non clumpin litters before i tossed in some aspen and that was that. he loved the aspen. So keep trying different ones until the bun picks one, just stay away from clumping litters.

11-17-05, 03:10 pm
I just use descented pine in mine. The most important thing to have in the litterbox besides the litter is hay.

Rabbits like to nibble while they pee and poop. Having hay in the litterbox not only encourages them to use the box it also helps make sure they get enough hay as many rabbits aren't big hay eaters like GPs are.

11-17-05, 03:14 pm
I would not reccomend pine at all; according to the House Rabbit Society, it is toxic to rabbits.

I use wood stove pellets which are cheap, absorbant, and pretty good at covering odor. The only bad part is you must stock up while the weather is cold because they do not sell them in spring and summer.

11-17-05, 03:29 pm
I would not reccomend pine at all; according to the House Rabbit Society, it is toxic to rabbits.It's the odor that is toxic, like in cedar, if kiln dried or descented pine is used it's safe.

11-20-05, 01:55 pm
Thanks everyone for your help!

11-29-05, 11:47 am
I use Cel-sorb for my rabbits..its like yesterdays news, but cheaper and comes in a bigger bag...(its recycled newspaper) and works well at hiding odor

11-29-05, 06:00 pm
We used Woody Pet.

12-02-05, 12:54 am
There's a few rat studies that shows rats kept on kiln dried pine still had elevated levels of liver enzymes just like on regular pine. I have the link but it's on my laptop that died so I'm using my boyfriend's laptop. For that reason and my own experience that kiln dried pine smell is still enough to cause allergic reactions in those sensitive to the oils I mostly avoid all pine produts. In my horse stalls I use woody pet because aspen pellets are far too expensive for that much area, but they have less smell than kiln dried pine and right now I'm trying out a different brand of pine pellets that they put in even more effort to get rid of the oils than the woody pet. It also says spruce and pine on the label instead of just pine and so far doesn't bother our allergies at all or have any smell compared to woody pet. I'm told it's a bit cheaper than woody pet as well but haven't gotten the bill yet.