View Full Version : Guinea Pigs' Rainbow Bridge

Pigaroo Mama
11-17-05, 02:02 pm
We have lost so many from our little community lately... so sad.

I found this link & thought it might be helpful for those whos piggers have recently become :angel: .


Warning for others: I had to stop reading after the first few... it was just to sad.

11-22-05, 05:22 pm
Thats some interesting stuff!

11-22-05, 06:47 pm
That is so sad...I'm crying right now...It just reminds me of the horse's I've seen rescued and not make it, reminds me of my 2 dogs I'd known since I was born, and reminds me especially of my first piggie, Patcheiy, who died last year.

:love: :weepy:

11-22-05, 07:12 pm
awww...its so touching, and sad to see all the pictures and read the things people write about their pets. I had to stop after the first page! My sympathy to anyone who has recently lost a piggie :(

Herbie Girl
11-22-05, 07:36 pm
Those are so sad.I only have had lexi two weeks but I love her to death. I don't even want to think of that day. Hugs and kisses to everyone who has lost a piggie lately.