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04-26-17, 09:14 am
I just wanted to share what I thought was hysterical this morning when I went to tell Maddie good morning. She moved her hut to open up to her log tunnel. So she keeps going they the tunnel and getting in her hut.

Mighty creative and resourceful82283...guinea pigs are funny! https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20170426/306e89744a2adf35a1c826bb5f3c5182.jpg

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04-26-17, 10:46 am
LOL! I bought two huts for my piggies and they went unused for 2 days, and ironically I just put one right at one end of their tunnel and now they sleep in that hut!

04-26-17, 08:21 pm
Lucy and Penny drag their beds all over. Even through it can't fit through the front of their tunnel, they manage to cram it in sometimes anyway. Just yesterday, I found Lucy laying in her bed under the tunnel right next to their kitchen (opposite side the furniture started at).

04-26-17, 08:31 pm
I just love to watch them...guinea pigs are so funny! The popcorning alone makes me giggle, but moving furniture, etc., is just hilarious. They definitely are full of personality!