View Full Version : Hello from Rolo and the gang

04-26-17, 09:11 am
Hello everyone! I own four guinea pigs called, Rolo (gorgeous chunky black Sheltie) Zap (very fast mixed breed with a skirt!) Cinder (scruffy mad hair) Snowy (white with chocolate splodge on her eye) They live as two pairs of boys and girls and with all piggies are very noisy, cheeky and greedy!

04-26-17, 10:47 am
hello and welcome!

04-27-17, 10:21 am
Welcome! Sounds like you've got quite the gang there :D I hope we get to see pigtures soon, they all sound very cute.

04-27-17, 12:47 pm
Hi there! They sound delightful. Welcome to the site.

04-27-17, 05:54 pm
Welcome! Sounds like a fun bunch...and I'm dying the see "the skirt" on Zap.