View Full Version : connector for fences?

11-16-05, 10:34 am
:cheerful: Anyone from singapore or malaysia can advise me where to get the connector for the C&C cage? Thank

11-16-05, 11:25 pm
Hey, visit XXXXXXX (http://www.pets.com.sg/forums/) It's a singapore forum...can ask in the guinea pig section there. :)

EDIT - I removed the link because that website promotes Breeding and Showing. Please do not post links to forums that promote what this forum stands against. - VoodooJoint

11-16-05, 11:52 pm
I am closing this thread. This question was double posted and the other thread has more replies. Please only post your question in one thread it keeps your replies all in one place that way and will be easier for you and others to find.

The other thread can be found here. http://cavycages.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11576