View Full Version : what can i feed him

bailey lover
09-21-02, 08:26 am
i was on this sight and it said guinea pigs could eat fruit can they eat blubeerys

09-21-02, 10:04 am
A small piece of fruit a day at most. And yes, many gps love blueberries!

Lauren Gillanders
11-03-02, 08:57 pm
does anyone know if guineapigs can eat potatoes?
i dont think they can

07-31-03, 06:21 pm
no they can't no onions or potatoes .. potatoes are poisonus I believe well g2g..hope i helped

12-01-03, 01:05 pm
Ginea pigs can eat lots of things and they love most of what they eat. i for one have a mother and 5 babies and a male ginea pigs who is the babies father. i started only giving my ginea pigs a 8 in one diet mix and that got a little expensive so i just bought pellets for them and sub in real fruits and veggies instead of the dried ones. veggies & fruits u can try are : carrots(i use the already peeled baby carrots), red apples(peeled,sliced,and cored),romaine lettuce, banana slices.