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04-12-17, 12:21 pm
Hi everyone. New to this site but not new to being a guinea pig owner. I had a female until she passed a few years ago :(. We've had our boy Mr Sweetie Pie for almost two years. Last month we got a new baby so Sweetie would have a buddy. We named him Dash because he bolts when you let him loose lol. Sweetie has never smelled like Dash does. I noticed this right away. He has had a trip to the vet because I was worried he had a UTI. Vet says he's good but some pigs smells more than others :ohmy:. We did everything you're supposed to do. Kept them separate except for smell and sound for a few weeks. before putting them together. However, they do not get along and both tried to mount. I noticed they both expelled their scents onto each other. So now they're in a huge cage but there's a divider separating them. So they can see each other and talk to each other but they cannot bite each other. Do you think they're still scenting and that's why their cage stinks? All the years I've had guinea's never have I smelled this musky smell and I just cleaned them both yesterday 😑. Any tips? The vet says neutering helps is this true? I don't want to put Dash through that. Maybe they are just constantly telling each other who's boss? It's so funny the 4 month old Dash is more of a "bully" than the older Sweetie. Thanks for any suggestions

04-12-17, 01:00 pm
How did you introduce them? Mounting is normal dominance behavior.

The musky smell is them scent marking. It's also normal for males to scent mark.

Check if their anal sacs need to be cleaned.

Neutering doesn't change their behavior.

04-12-17, 04:20 pm
Ok thank I will check the sacs. No I mean will neutered male pigs smell less. I introduced them after the recommended period in a new area hay and treats in the middle to distract them.

04-15-17, 12:41 pm
Some people have found their neutered males to smell less. They don't collect as much gunk in their sacs.

04-15-17, 01:04 pm
Remember while introductions may be scary for us, don't separate the two unless blood is drawn. Good luck!

04-15-17, 06:21 pm
I read though that loud teeth chatter is when to separate them.

04-15-17, 06:22 pm
Yeah that's what the vet said. They have stopped scenting as much, thankfully the last couple days.

04-15-17, 09:21 pm
You don't have to separate them for loud teeth chattering.

See this thread for boars behavior.