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i love piggies
11-15-05, 08:56 pm
Hi there fellow cavy lovers.
I am a mummy of 5 and am curretly looking for a new baby.
I have realised this will be hard as I can't find any recues/shelters near me.

Anyway I was just wondering if your in Australia where did you get your guinea pig from?

I know there are shelters in most major cities but for people in little towns there aren't.
so yeah I just wanted to know.

11-15-05, 11:44 pm
I don't know cause thats what I was going to ask

04-03-07, 09:03 pm
Just bringing this thread back to the top of the list hehe :D

Well, I bought all 3 of mine from the same pet shop (just a local place. Its also where I bought my rabbit and he is nearly 7 years old now. Its also where I bought all my fish.) I don't know of any shelters near me that have pigs (if I did, then I would have looked there first).

I would try to rescue a pig first before going to a pet shop. Even try looking in the local newspaper as sometimes people are trying to sell their pig (if they dont want it any more :sad: If you took in this pig, it would also prevent the owner from perhaps abandoning it...).

Where else did everyone get their little balls of joy:?: :?:

06-06-07, 06:55 am
I got 3/5 of my pigs from a petstore and the other 2 are babies from an accidental pregnancy :)

07-27-07, 10:59 pm
the first of my pigs i got from the RSPCA up at Somersby. i found her through Adoptapet.com. that first pig [Pickles, female, 6months old to date] then had three pups. all of which are happy and healthy. =]

yes. i knowingly adopted a pregnant guinea pig.

08-13-07, 03:59 pm
I got my little bundles of joy from the local pet store. Our animal refuge does not cater to the needs of anything but cats, dogs and birds.