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04-10-17, 07:11 am
Hello again it's been a while (https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/62914-New-Cage-Questions) since I've posted here, but I'm getting ready to get back into the world of guinea pig ownership, and I built a new and improved (https://i.imgur.com/OOqDs55.jpg) pen that will house four young boars hopefully later today.

The pen is 8'x3' and the walls are about 11" total, with about 6" of them sealed hard board, and the rest open 1/4" wire screen. In my last setup, I experimented with a few different bedding types, and ended up really happy with horse bedding pellets, which are basically large compressed pine pellets that expand and soften as they get wet. This makes them super easy to clean as you can shop vac out the 'used' pellets leaving the dry pellets behind. This pellet layer is a few inches thick which will help protect the base from large amounts of moisture as the pellets are extremely absorbent.

I'll post pictures of the (probably mortified) occupants later this evening once I get them home and they have a chance to calm down and get used to their new home.

04-10-17, 07:14 am
That cage is going to be VERY easy for pigs to climb out of.

04-10-17, 07:24 am
My old cage was somewhat shorter and I never had any issues with them even testing the sides. They will climb up and lean over the sides to squeak when they hear food, but I never had them even attempt to scale the walls.

If they start to test it, I can somewhat easily extend the wall, but I doubt it will be an issue.

Also sorry about the multi-post, I didn't realize they were waiting for mod approval, I just assumed the browser ate the post. :)

04-10-17, 08:14 am
No problem about the double post. The system sometimes auto-moderates posts for no reason that I can see, and I certainly didn't see anything wrong with yours. Dunno what the glitch was.

It's good that your pigs don't jump or climb. I was just watching a video yesterday of a pig very easily hopping a 12-inch playpen wall.

04-10-17, 08:39 am
Oh I haven't gotten the pigs yet, I'm picking them up later today, but my old ones never bothered the edges at all. It might help that I've always started with young ones that can't yet physically get over the edges, so by the time they get big enough to scale the wall, they have learned not to.

04-10-17, 08:52 am
And then again, you may get one that thinks he's a mountain goat.

04-10-17, 09:04 am
Yeah we'll see. :)

Colorado Cavies
04-10-17, 11:46 am
That's a really irresponsible attitude. I sure hope your ready for the vet bills when one of them decides to test the wall and falls out, assuming the fall doesn't kill them.

Every pig is different. Just because your old pigs didn't doesn't mean the new ones wont and it's beyond irresponsible to gamble with their health like that.

04-10-17, 11:56 am
You missed the part where they're still young, which makes them too small to climb it currently. I will have plenty of warning to modify it before they get big enough to challenge the walls.