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04-09-17, 02:49 pm
My name is Lydia and I am a proud mother of three lovely little ladies!

Florence, the first guinea pig, was adopted about a month ago. She's a tiny and adventurous Abyssinian, and she is by far the most adventurous of the group! She loves cuddling against my chest, but she doesn't like being fed unless she sees another pig eating the same food first.
Dandelion, or Dandie, is the biggest and oldest in the group as well as the most nervous. She tends to hide in the igloo when it's in the cage, and when it isn't she will simply curl up and wait to make sure it's okay to move around. She also usually refuses to leave the igloo unless Florence leaves with her! Despite how nervous Dandie seems, she absolutely loves eating treats, and she'll nibble it right out of my hand every time!
Finally, my most recent adopt is Bailey. She was the runt of her litter and she's still the baby of the bunch. As I've only had her for a few days, I'm not too certain of how she'll act, though I can definitely say she's a huge fan of cuddles and sticks very closely to her new sisters. They both immediately took to Bailey during introductions (pictured below), and Florence doesn't mind when Bailey follows her everywhere.


04-09-17, 06:48 pm
They're all so cute. Congrats. :love: