View Full Version : Hello! Enjoying this new pig life

03-30-17, 05:50 pm
Hi there!

We've had our baby for about a month and a half now, and have already learned so much. I still have SO MUCh to learn, though. Our pig is Maddie, and she's an Abby. She has made us delve into all kinds of research in attempting to learn about her. She has a timid personality, but is just now starting to love to be pet and lays her sweet head down when she lays on my lap for more petting.

My favorite things so far that I learned post buying her that have helped us are using fleece bedding and having a small cat litter box filled with fresh timothy hay. When I introduced the box the amount of popcorning happening was adorable.


Glad to be here! :love:

03-30-17, 06:22 pm
Hmmm.... I see you're in Texas. That's close enough. I've been known to kidnap cute abbys, and she's adorable!

03-30-17, 06:32 pm
Haha! She's so sweet! I actually just contacted a local rescue (well not local to me, but in Lewisville) to see if we can adopt another baby. I don't know how to go about properly doing it, but I do know Maddie needs a friend. I'm located outside of Waco in McGregor. :-)

03-30-17, 07:01 pm
Oh my gosh what a cute piggy! That's a really good picture of her :)

03-30-17, 07:14 pm
Texas Rustlers is an awesome guinea pig rescue. Three of my pigs have come from there, and the only reason I didn't go there the last time I adopted was that one of my pigs had died and I need a serior sow as a companion, and they didn't have one.

And you can breathe. You're far enough away that I won't come swipe her.