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My Squeakhearts
03-30-17, 01:37 pm
Hello guinea pig lovers!
My sister and I currently own four happy piggies. We have decided to rescue two bonded girls named Shelly and Pip from a local rescue center. I wanted to know; would them being bomded already be an issue? They are ten weeks and four months, and our youngest pig, Charlotte, is around four months as well. Would introducing them cause a problem in the cage dynamics? Our pigs aren't really dominant, so we don't worry about that too much. I just want to make sure that it will be alright to let Shelly and Pip into the herd or of we'd have to keep them seperate. I don't think it will be too much of a problem. Just wondering.

03-30-17, 02:47 pm
I'd suggest just keeping them next to each other (in seperate cages) for a while until they get used to each other and then introducing them on mutual grounds if they get along start extending their floor time with each other until they seem fine together. I wouldn't think them being bonded would be an issue though

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My Squeakhearts
03-30-17, 03:02 pm
Ok! Thanks!

03-30-17, 03:54 pm
Piglet, please do NOT recommend that people keep cavies adjacent to each other before introductions. Not only does it not help, it can actually interfere in their adjusting to each other.

My Squeakhearts, please keep the pigs separate from each other until you get ready to do introductions. Unless you're very sure that the new pigs are disease and parasite free, they should be kept in a separate room for three weeks to keep from giving something to your established herd.

When you do get ready to introduce them, it should be in a VERY large neutral area that smells nothing like any of the pigs. Put plenty of hay and food piles around, but no hideys. Do it at a time when you've got hours to give to it -- introducing groups of pigs almost always takes much longer than introducing two singletons. The last time I introduced a singleton to a pair, it was 11 hours before I felt it was safe for me to go to bed and leave them. And those were sows, which are usually easier to introduce than boars.

The other thing you should be prepared for, when introducing herds, is that you may wind up with two or more groups because some of the pigs just won't live with the others. That doesn't happen nearly as often with sows as it does with boars, but it can happen.

Here's the bible on guinea pig introductions: http://guinea-pigs.livejournal.com/3002707.html