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03-20-17, 09:21 pm
Hey everyone, so I'm not a guinea pig owner yet and probably won't be for a while as I still have a bit of convincing to do... But I have been thinking about the cage I'd like to build when I do get them and am a little worried it won't be good enough.
I plan on adopting a pair from a nearby animal shelter once everything's in place and want to give them the best life possible. Everywhere I've looked says a space of at least 2' x 5' for a pair and that's where my problem is. The ideal dimension for a cage in the space I have would be 18" x 3' (but the 18" can be made a full 2 foot with a bit of fiddling) and then I was thinking of making it a two or three story cage for more space. Does this sound good? I couldn't find much on multi-level cages for guinea pigs so I'm starting to doubt if this would be a good idea but I thought I would still ask experienced owners on the off chance it'll work.
Thanks in advance for any feedback <3

03-20-17, 09:55 pm
Thank you for doing homework before adopting.

Guinea pigs are ground dwellers and need large space to run laps. Multi-level cages are not suitable for them.
See this page for more info:

03-20-17, 10:31 pm
That's what I thought. Thank you, lissie. If I'm going to get guinea pigs I want them to be as happy as piggly possible so I'll try to figure something else out or look into other animals. Thank you again.