View Full Version : Midwest expansion

03-20-17, 07:17 pm
I expanded on my Midwest cage today using dividers so it's like a Midwest and a half 😂 I made it an L shape and put their kitchen in the short part of the L so they have all kinds of free space to run. I got a ton of dividers free from a local rescue and ziptied them together and made a coroplast base. The girls seem really happy with the configuration so far! It was the only configuration I could figure out. If anyone has any input on how to improve I am all ears!!!

12-05-18, 02:26 pm
Do you think you could zip tie just regular grids and cloroplast in bottom?

12-05-18, 04:17 pm
We have a lot of that figured out here: https://www.guineapigcagesstore.com/midwest-cages