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03-18-17, 10:41 pm
Hi! I have 2 guinea pigs that I just recently got, and they have been in separate, probably pet store, cages their entire lives. Because I just got them, that is what they are currently in and I'm trying to let them warm up to a new environment before making any major changes. I have seen a lot of amazing c&c cages and I'm very interested in making one for my two pigs now! But I still need inspiration, I would like to have a loft, that I know. I also need to purchase everything, so if you know of good places to order grids and chloroplast, please let me know! I also will need more toys for them then also & fleece.
So please give me some inspiration with cage photos & DIY ideas, and some places that can help get me started! Thank you!

03-18-17, 10:52 pm
Look at the photo galleries -- there are thousands of cage pictures in there.

03-19-17, 06:51 am
See these links: