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Mia Meece
03-14-17, 02:39 pm
I'm Mia, I'm happy to be in this group, I have a problem with my piggies I'm hoping some one can help me with; I have 2 white make Abyssinian guinea pigs, names are obi wan kenobi and bb-8! I've had them for about a week or two and they still seem to REALLY dislike being held, I try to hold them about every day or so, their happy in their cage (it's pretty big) and seem to popcorn a lot, they aren't scared of me and will come and sniff my hand (sometimes even step on it) but the only way I can pick them up before they run away is with a blanket bb's never bit me but obi bites my finger when he wants to be put down, i don't know if I should just give them time? They still sleep with their eyes open but they will blink around me. They like me best during floor time where they can sniff my feet and hands and run around me while I give them veggies, But whenever I ever seem like I'm going to pick them up they freak out and hide in their hidey hutches and sometimes chatter their teeth, sometimes they let me pet them in their cage ( especially bb) but obi hardly will let me pet him (yet still runs out and sniffs my hand when I put it in the cage) im just not sure what to do here

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03-14-17, 03:34 pm
First of all, welcome to the forum! And what cute names for your pigs, I love Star Wars!
As for your problem, don't worry about it too much, they're still new, and the fact that they aren't scared of you walking near them and during floor time is already really good progress. They'll probably get more comfortable being picked up over time.
I'd try and pick them up when they're in their hideys, so that there's less chasing around- just scoop them out. And most guinea pigs will always sleep with their eyes open, it's just what's usual for them.

Most guinea pigs also don't like being pet in the cage, I wouldn't try and pet Obi in the cage if he doesn't like it. Maybe just gently boop him on the nose if he likes to sniff your fingers.

Hand-feeding veggies is a great way to bond, either while they're in the cage or while they're on your lap, it makes them associate you with good things. It's actually a good thing that Obi bites you when he wants to go back in the cage, because it means he's communicating. Try and not give him access to your skin and put your clothes/sleeve near his mouth instead while he's on your lap, and then start putting him back when he tugs on your clothes. Eventually he'll learn that tugging/biting harmlessly on your clothes will get him what he wants, and biting is useless. That's how I trained all my pigs to tell me when they need to go back in the cage, and now I never get peed or pooped on unless I ignore their signals, in which case it's my fault.

Good luck! It definitely sounds like they're doing really well for only having been with you a week or two.

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