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03-06-17, 05:34 pm

This is my first post here and I soon hope to be a new guinea pig owner real soon, after a bit of research!

Anyway, my first question is cage size, I'll be going to go down the C&C route, I'll more than likely get two guinea pigs, I have not really given much thought on what sex to get, which ones are easier to maintain and stand a better chance of getting along?

Im looking at a 2x4 grid cage that measures out at 149cm x 77cm, would this be an appropriate size?

03-06-17, 05:43 pm
If you get a 2x4 grid cage, you'll want to get two sows. Boars like to have a bit more room or they may squabble. Of course, for any pigs, bigger is always better.

If you got a 2x5 or bigger, you could get either sex, and I'm sure many people will happily argue the pros and cons of both.

Anyway, welcome to the forum! Thank you for doing research before getting your pigs. :)

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03-06-17, 08:32 pm
I've only ever had female guinea pigs...so I can't tell you which is better...I've heard they do about the same though.

I have two guinea pigs and I have a 2x5 cage. It's definitely large but they love it. It's WAY easier to clean than anything smaller.
I'm glad you're doing research on piggies before getting them though. I didn't do much research on cages and ended up buying a VERY small one and it was dreadful. The C&C route is SO MUCH CHEAPER and so much easier to clean.

But honestly...with gender...it depends where you get them. I'd just check nearby shelters and if I founded a bonded pair....I'd get them, regardless of whether they're a male pair or a female pair.

03-06-17, 09:14 pm
Here's some recommended reading for new pig owners:


03-06-17, 09:23 pm
Guinea pigs have different personalities, just like humans. Boars and sows are not that different other than the care they need. Boars need more space and produce a stronger smell. You will also have to start cleaning their anal sac, which is not fun at all. It smells terribly. You might have to do it often, or maybe once every few months. It depends on the boar. Females don't need as much cage space as boars, but a bigger cage is always better. Females are also prone to ovarian cysts. You don't need to clean their genitals unless they have some sort of illness or it's advised by a vet. I have never owned females, only males. Both genders are the same when getting along with other pigs. How well they get along depends on their personalities.

I'd say the minimum space 2 females need is a 2x5. A 2x4 most likely won't work once they hit puberty. For males, a 2x6 at least. However, cage space also contributes to how well they'll get along. The bigger the cage the better.

Good luck!

03-07-17, 10:34 am
I'll almost certainly be going for the 2x5, it measures out at 185cm x 77cm, will this be big enough?

I can't really go any bigger at the moment, also ive been looking up fleece and will go with that for substrate, will any fleece do or does it need to be a specific kind?