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03-01-17, 12:14 pm
Hello! So, recently, my family took in two female guinea pigs from a local woman who was giving them away. They're super sweet, and I'm in love :love: Anyway, when the woman gave them to us she didn't include any sort of carrier. I would like to purchase a carrier for whenever we need to transport them (for vet visits and emergencies). How large would a carrier for two adult female guinea pigs need to be? Will this (https://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-19-Inch-Two-Door-Top-Load-Kennel/dp/B00OP6SMCI/ref=sr_1_1?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1488391179&sr=1-1&keywords=cat%2Bcarrier&th=1) carrier work? Thank you in advance!

03-01-17, 02:00 pm
That carrier would work, but I don't think you need to buy a carrier at all. When I take my pigs to the vet, I usually put them in plastic bins like the kind you use for laundry, with a lot of soft blankets, some hay, and a hidey. As long as it's tall enough they can't get out, non-toxic if they chew it, and you keep an eye on them, it's fine. It's easier for the vet to pick them up out of the bin and to put them back in when they're not being examined that way, too.

If you have any extra pet-store cages lying around, those also work as carriers.

03-01-17, 03:10 pm
IMHO, the rule of thumb is how long are your cavies going to be in that carrier? And, is it winter or summer?

Like jaycriae, I have used everything from a plastic bin, to laundry basket (larger, rectangular), a crate.......and of course, a carrier. A carrier is ideal for the winter when you don't want to expose them to drafts, and in the summer, just the opposite. I find the laundry basket good for warm weather where you desire more circulation.

If it is a laundry basket, then I put litter in the bottom and add a couple of cozies and a pile of hay. I line the carrier with a thick towel if it is just a short trip to the vet and back.

If you live near an Ocean State Job Lot, you can often find inexpensive carriers there.

03-01-17, 03:23 pm
You can get a cardboard carrier at Petco for $7. I've used mine for several years.

03-01-17, 06:35 pm
I use regular hard sided plastic cat carriers for mine. There's lots of options but I frequently travel with my pigs and like having designated animal carriers for them.

I have the 23 inch version of the carrier you linked and I really like it. It's sturdy, well designed and was very affordable when I bought it.

It is definitely big enough for a pair, the 19 inch one would probably work as well. One thing to note is that some pigs don't get along so well in carriers, so a benefit to the 23inch is you can rig up a divider for it if they are having issues together in it.

03-02-17, 01:30 pm
I have the 23 inch version of the carrier you linked and I really like it. It's sturdy, well designed and was very affordable when I bought it.

I have a carrier that size. I use it for vet visits and three hour cars ride home for holidays. It fits two sows, two cozy sacks, a small veggie dish and a toilet paper tube full of hay. They can stretch out but usually sit in one corner...pooping and peeing like there is no tomorrow!

03-02-17, 09:11 pm
I think the biggest and most affordable thing you can transport your guinea pigs with is a box. We have a bunch in the garage. You can walk into any supermarket (Walmart, Target, etc.) and ask if they have any boxes they don't need. You can pick the size you need as well.

mochi the pig
03-03-17, 10:36 am
Try investing in those clear plastic storage bins, the really tall and large ones. Just line it with fleece or bedding and put food and water and hay inside. It works just fine.

03-03-17, 11:05 am
Actually, large plastic bins aren't a good idea. If you slam on the brakes or someone hits your from behind, the pig will come flying out and forward. You need something with a lid on it that has plenty of ventilation.