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02-26-17, 10:11 pm
Hello! I am a first-time piggie owner, I own two female short-hairs.
I have Latte, six weeks old, and Mocha, six months old! They get along very well, and I
love them so much! I will post some pictures of them later :)​

02-26-17, 10:23 pm
Also, if you have any tips on caring for them, please let me know!

02-26-17, 10:33 pm
Hi! Welcome to the forum, and to piggy ownership! Your pigs sound very cute. Here are the two links that are most useful to new owners! :)

https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/113176-Information-for-new-guinea-pig-owners <- this one is more of a collection of links