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Karleen Garcia
02-26-17, 03:14 pm
Hello everyone, so far I've only asked questions about building our cage. So now I am here to officially introduce ourselves and our new Guinea pigs. This isn't my first guinea pig rodeo but it is for my daughter and husband. I have temporally added bedding because we are awaiting our fleece to arrive along with the ramp and stuff. Hopefully this week!

My name is Karleen. Daughters name is Audrey and husbands name is Belema. Our guinea pigs names are Cocoa and Butterscotch (white/brown). We are all excited! Thank you all that have helped me get our cage together.https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20170226/5857c77a394d4ad5a79311dd4fd3a2e0.jpghttps://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20170226/044690a990e64a9282dcc3bcf6d038ee.jpghttps://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20170226/7caa525a36cb0c0ea0624ce24a0adbf7.jpghttps://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20170226/15265a3e316b2cfd0a630e0649d0815f.jpg

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02-26-17, 04:25 pm
What a nice family! Welcome to the Forum. lol

02-26-17, 04:29 pm
Such a cute family photo! Welcome! I love your nice big cage :)

Karleen Garcia
02-26-17, 05:03 pm
spy9doc thank you for welcoming us!
Omgitspink thank you very much :)

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02-26-17, 06:52 pm
Very cute! Were the pigs Audrey's seventh birthday present? My first guinea pigs were my seventh birthday present, too. :)

Karleen Garcia
02-26-17, 07:09 pm
jaycriae actually no they were not her 7th birthday was over a month ago. We were at the pet store about two weeks ago, and out of no where she asked for one. So we had to convince her dad haha I think I was more excited than she was at the end of it all. I use to have a guinea pig about 7 years ago.

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02-26-17, 08:53 pm
Welcome! I noticed you said that you got the cuties at a pet store. It's great that you and your family are very happy with them, but I have to say to please consider adopting guinea pigs in the future. It's a common mistake, so don't think I'm trying to bring you down :) There are thousands of piggies who are in need of a home in shelters and foster homes. Of course, Audrey probably didn't know any better, but it's important for you, and for the rest of your family, to understand that buying guinea pigs, or any live animals, from the pet store is not okay. Other than that, cage looks great and the pigs are absolutely adorable! :D Enjoy them

Karleen Garcia
02-26-17, 09:06 pm
CavyTV they had two rescues at the actual pet store but they were about 4 years old, use to their "humans" and aggressive towards the workers. And I guess they got a dog and the guinea pigs didn't do to well with it. Maybe they were just sad and overwhelmed. But we did consider it but since we have a dog as well, it wouldn't have been best to bring them home. That was my first option though, adoption. But again thank you!

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02-26-17, 09:09 pm
Ah, okay! Close to the birthday, then, still, but not quite. :)
Also, since they're pet store pigs, you should check and make sure they're the same sex. Pet store employees are often very busy and/or inexperienced with guinea pigs and sometimes mistakes get made.

Karleen Garcia
02-26-17, 09:13 pm
jaycriae I certainly did check while we were at the store :)

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02-26-17, 11:23 pm
Hi there! Might I say your piggies are real cuties! Just something small I noticed, in your pictures you have the food dish full of pellets. Guinea pigs only need about an 8th a cup a day of pellets. However though I love what you did with the cage! Plenty of space for the little ones!

02-26-17, 11:36 pm
Actually kcake67, if the pigs are younger than six months, they should get unlimited pellets. Adult pigs should be restricted to 1/8 cup per day.

02-27-17, 01:07 pm
Oh! Thanks bpatters for explaining that!