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02-20-17, 08:44 pm
Hi all I need some help with my Montana. She is ready to pop with her first liter any time now. My question is, I have been having a hard time feeling good pelvic bone and have not heard teeth chattering. She is very big, lays down to eat and drink. And I can see and feel babies move very well. My question is do they move lower down the birth canal before labor ? I have noticed when trying to feel pelvic bone things seem much lower. Any other help with this would be great. Can't wait to see babies and getting excited :)

02-20-17, 11:59 pm
Let her alone. Feeling the pelvic bones won't help her a bit, and won't really tell you anything. Sometimes the pups come very shortly after the pelvic bones separate, and sometimes it takes several days.

Here's some more information: http://guinea-pigs.livejournal.com/3002707.html

I hope you're not deliberately breeding. Pregnancy and delivery are very hard on guinea pig sows and pups, and the death rate is high. In addition, guinea pigs can have a number of genetic diseases which can result in a very painful, untreatable bone condition, or in lethal white pups -- pups born blind, deaf, with wonky or missing teeth, and immature digestives systems. If they survive, they need lifelong, intensive, expensive care. We never recommend that anyone breed their pigs. There are enough accidental pregnancies to keep the species going without another sow ever having to be deliberately bred.

02-21-17, 10:04 pm
I think bpatters meant to post this link:

02-22-17, 08:20 am
Good catch, lissie. My bad.