View Full Version : Upper Levels Just got a wide loft but how to access to below?

02-19-17, 01:11 pm
I have a pretty good sized cage, it's an L shape and it used to have a narrow loft that worked out okay but sometimes all the girls want to cram themselves up there all at once... Why? I don't know. They really dig that loft though so since I have 4 girls and 2 babies all in the same cage (for now) I wanted to add a wide loft and a cavy kitchen. My issue is how the heck do you access the furthest corner below the loft to clean and all? I don't know if this is going to work out...

02-19-17, 01:54 pm
You can build the loft as a separate box and clip it to the lower cage, then lift it completely off for cleaning.

02-19-17, 02:33 pm
I was thinking something like that but I think that would be kind of a pain. I also thought having half the loft off the cage and supported so I had enough room still to reach in but there isn't enough space around the cage to do that.

02-19-17, 09:40 pm
Got the door grid from C&C cages to be able to access the area. Thanks :)

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