View Full Version : Charlotte and Her Piggies; An Introduction

02-18-17, 04:46 am
Hello! My name is Charlotte. I live in QLD, Australia and I own 4 lovely guineapigs. Their names are: Pumpkin, Silver, Spike and Wooly. All 4 of them are friendly and would never bite or scratch. I obtained Pumpkin and Silver from a woman near my hometown 4 years ago. She was moving house and could not supply care to them anymore. Pumpkin is a brown and white crested while Silver is a silver and gold Satin. They used to share a cage until they started fighting. They both sustained injuries so my mum and I decided to separate them into separate cages. A year later, along came Spike and Wooly. I adopted them from a lady when they were just 5 weeks old. I believe they are possibly brothers. They still currently share a cage and they haven't fought. Hopefully they never will. Spike is a multi-coloured Angora and Spike is a black and brown Texel. Pumpkin loves cuddles and food. Silver is on the shyer side and isn't that fond of cuddles. Spike is laidback and big for his age. Wooly is short tempered and small for his age. I love them all to bits.

02-18-17, 07:38 am
Welcome to the forums! :) Your piggies sound lovely

Tam Piggy love
02-18-17, 11:53 am
Hello, Charlotte your piggy's sound great! I love socializing with mine to! And I like to watch them socializing together. It's fun to watch them and learn their personalities, and see how they interact with each other. It is a big part of what makes them so great to have!

02-18-17, 06:03 pm
Hi and Welcome!