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02-14-17, 11:33 am
i'd like to add a second level for my piggies 1) to give them more space and make things more interesting for them and 2) to get the hay off the main level. i have read that not all piggies will use a second level. i'm wondering what other people have experienced with this and any advice i can get before investing in the parts to build a second level.

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02-15-17, 09:55 am
I have a ramp that goes from their cage to my living room floor and they LOVE it!! In the evenings and usually all weekend long, I put fleece liners with waterproof backings on the floor with zip tied grids, a few tunnels and hideys and they zoom from their cage to the floor and back up again.

At first they were skittish but piggies curious and food oriented as they are, were easily convinced that only good things would come from this tunnel.

From what I've read doing my research, here are a few tricks:

- make a covered tunnel/ramp if you can even if it's not permanently covered
- don't force them but entice them, you don't want to scare them you want them to WANT to go up there or down
- make sure you don't take all of their hay, food and water up there since not all piggies will like going up or down a ramp and weigh them often to make sure every one eats.
- make sure that you don't have a bully that will "block" the entrance

02-15-17, 07:24 pm
Thanks for the great advice. It sounds like your piggies have a cool playground! Do you have any photos of your setup?

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02-16-17, 08:51 am
These are older pictures, a lot has changed since then.

In the first picture (sorry for the mess, OC was being silly again) you can see right behind him the opening for the ramp. I simply cut 3 sides in the coroplast and in the evenings I simply flip it inward and tuck it under their fleece. I cut an opening in the grids.


Here you can see the landing for the ramp.

Like I said before, they love their ramp. The reason I did this is because I didn't like having to run after them to catch them every night for floor time. This was an easy solution for them and me. Another reason why I really like doing it this way is I don't have to bring their water bottle or hay down for floor time. If they want to drink or nibble on hay they can just run back up. I did put hay down on this photo but it was probably on a weekend which I usually offer them hay on the floor in their pen.

02-16-17, 12:07 pm
OMG! That's so cool!! I have there cage (2x5) up on a table. I don't have another table the same height so I can't really expand except to add a second level. I bet I could set up another folding table and make a tunnel to that!