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11-13-05, 09:48 pm
Hi guys,
Just recieved an email from a lady who found a box of rabbits on the side of the great western highway. She's in Blacktown, which is about an hour and a half away from me.
There are four rabbits, mostly black with some white spots - "up" ears. I don't know what sexes the rabbits are yet, but I'm assuming they won't be all bucks or all does.
So what we have are potentially pregnant does, so not just four rabbits to rehome in the long run.
We have 10 rescue rabbits here already, so we're pretty much full.
If anyone can help out with placement of these rabbits or temporary foster or knows someone who could - please PM me!

i love piggies
11-13-05, 10:23 pm
Oh I wish I could have one I two have females and one lonely male. If I were closer I would have a male.

It seems I am always too far from the rescue centers.

I feel so sorry for the poor bunnies, it's just lucky the lady was so kind. It's good to know there are still animal lovers out there.

I hope you find homes for them soon

11-26-05, 11:12 pm
i would like to take 1 but im in melboure to far away!