View Full Version : Danny and Stinky say hello!(And so does momma Liz)

01-27-17, 10:49 pm
Hi Everyone!

My name is Liz and these are my 2 piggies! Danny is the orange, and Stinky is the black and white. This is my first time owning pigs, but I have had them for about 6 months. Currently they are living in a Midwest cage, but I may purchase another and connect them.
I got these pigs from my best friend, who was going to go back to school in the big city, and she already wasn't giving them the BEST care (it wasn't bad though). Well I had just moved back in with my parents after leaving my ex and having to leave my cats behind (mom didn't want cats in the house), but my mother agreed to let me have the pigs.

Generally, I clean the cage every day, sometimes every other day. My pigs get fresh veggies every day, they have unlimited hay, and they have unlimited access to pellets (they hardly touch them). They also get an oxbow vit C tablet each day. They also usually get floor time and bonding/individual love time with mom daily (but sometimes I am so exhausted from work).

Anyway, after being in a few GP facebook groups, I figured I would join a forum and see what other things I could learn here.


01-27-17, 11:02 pm

Here's some recommended reading for new pig owners:


01-29-17, 06:56 pm
Welcome to the forum. Your little guys are very cute.

Thanks for giving them a home when your friend could no longer keep them. I'm sure they really appreciate all the good care they are getting.

01-31-17, 08:14 pm
Hello and Welcome!! Great job on taking them in and loving them :) They are handsome little guys <3

01-31-17, 08:41 pm
Welcome to the forum! Your pigs are adorable!!!