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01-25-17, 08:44 pm
Hi everyone,
I am from the far away country of belgium, where getting C&C cages is a pain in the ass and expensive. I wanted to expand by 4 grinds and would already and up paying 70euro for that (that like 75+ dollar). So i started thinking and looking into alternatives
I came across these81424, which got me thinking. What if i exhange my wall grids with these? They can't chew em because I will be putting coroplast where the corners are. They won't lose any ventilation or sight as I will only put them wall side. It would allow me to use the grids to expand the cage a bit and they won't lose sight of their surroudings.
Any opinions ?

01-25-17, 09:06 pm
That should work. They won't be able to support a loft thought. Just in case you plan to add a loft.

01-25-17, 09:17 pm
Hye lissie,
No not currently there's only 2 of them and expanding with a single panel alone would give them a cage of 145x100 cm (4.75ftx3.2 feet) Currently the cage is 3.6x3.2ft already quite big for them but i like spoiling them and giving them lots of stuff to do which quickly makes the cage a bit full.
By the time i'm looking into a loft who knows what'll change!

01-26-17, 11:28 am
If you are using grids for a base/bottom of the cage, you could use them there too.