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11-13-05, 02:22 pm
Me and the boyfriend went to rotherham retail park today and we went into this really big pet store. I hadnt realised they sell live animals so was suprised when I walked rite into this chest high woodern enclose which contained guinea pigs. It was pretty big, the size of 4, 2x4 C&C cages separated for boars and sows, with fresh veg, plenty of hay, pellets, water, toys and 6 happy sows and 3 boars running around. They all looked pretty healthy and were charging around playing regardless of other ppl in the surrounding area. It was clean as well, open and well ventilated. Have to say I don't reckon much to pet shops genrally but Im glad this pet store is giving the cavys a good start.

11-13-05, 02:25 pm
Now, you just need to know where the cavies came from, and visit that facility, what the pet store's 'adoption application and contract' looks like, what their 'return' policy is, what happens when they have a sick or pregnant animal, and what cages and supplies they sell to their customers.

Other than that, I agree, the in-store cage sounds good.

Oh, forgot, and I'm wondering about shelter/rescue population in the area.

11-13-05, 02:35 pm
What was the name of the shop?

11-13-05, 02:39 pm
Pets at home I think. When I first went up to the cage there was a member of staff playing with them. I'm not saying its great cos its not great but its better, its showing people that want to have cavys at theyre happy in big enclosures.

11-13-05, 02:52 pm
I have problems with this chain in that:

They house guinea pigs with rabbits
They feed the cavies rabbit food
They house them on cheap shavings
They use vitamin drops in water
They house large colonies of Syrian hamsters together

However, the animals are seperated by sex, enclosures are large (though there is nothing to stop members of the public reaching in) and the animals appear to be OK health wise. I try not to shop there.

11-13-05, 04:15 pm
Ah, not so good then. I realise its not good to steriotype but Im starting to get the picture with pet stores.

11-14-05, 09:51 am
Yes, you really do have to ask yourself where the guinea pigs they sell come from.
One of our local breeder/rescuers used to, may still do, supply one of these shops. Nice eh?
If you want to know how I know...they actually told me! Needless to say, I do not work with these people or recognise their "rescue" efforts.

Please do not spend your money in shops that sell animals, you are actively supporting backyard breeding if you do.


11-14-05, 11:09 am
Apologies to all on this one. Until I joined cavy cages I didn't know pigs were unhappy in hutch sized cages, breeders were causing such a big problem and pet stores were bad (yeah, I know, its like... duh?!). To be honest I never owned cavys in the past because whenever I saw them as a kid or teen they were borning and never doing much, mostly because they were cooped up in tiny cages and unhappy. Will pledge to turn over new leaf and help with fight against the problems with pet stores, breeders and making guineas happy.

11-14-05, 11:15 am
You have nothing to apologise for. You didn't know - neither did I a couple of years ago. I try my best not to buy in pets at home, but the only day I can shop for supplies my little local store is often closed. There is far worse than pets at home. They support many animal charities and promote adopting, but they still sell small animals. That's my main gripe with them.

Cavie Cove
11-14-05, 03:47 pm
The thing with pets at home now is that it has been reported that most if not all of the stores are using comershal(sp?) breeders. Also evrytime I go into pets at home they always seem to have an out break of ringworm and never know what sex the guinea is.
Someone told me that they went in and asked to look at the gerbils and the person showed her hamsters! And they always seem to have 2 male gerbils in with 2 female gerbils so I bet most of them are sold pregnant.
And also they sell the guinea pigs for £18 each and I don't think many people will pay £36 for 2 guineas. At a local garden center they sell them for a mimimun(sp?) of £16 and depending on the breed they charge more and never once have I seen 2 guineas been sold together.

11-15-05, 11:48 am
Also don't forget about the back room. With display and store space at a premium, most pet shops have a back room or out-of-the-way place where the rest of the animals are kept in poor conditions. When the animals on display get low in number, animals are moved from the back room to the display cage. This way potential customers do not see the mistreatment that the animals go through and feel (tricked) that the animal they purchase has been well treated all along. If an animal spends too long or becomes too old while waiting to be sold in the display area, the animal may be given away free, euthenized, or 'let go' in front of the pet store to make room for younger animals more likely to be sold.