View Full Version : Grids any in-store grids?

01-22-17, 02:34 am
I know I can order online...I looked for them in walmart and target but I guess they're online only.

Has anyone found any grids in stores? I'd love to walk into a store today and buy some.

01-22-17, 11:48 am
I've only seen them at Kmart.

01-22-17, 12:17 pm
I've found at Bed Bath and Beyond last summer and noticed they still had some over Christmas. If there are multiple stores in your area check the inventory online. Saves driving around cause not all stores carry them.

01-22-17, 01:44 pm
KMART! Cheapest (and all grids are safe)

01-22-17, 03:13 pm
I found mine at a Kmart in the storage section.

01-23-17, 08:28 am
I found mine at Home Depot and I have seen them at WalMart as well and they were both the 9x9 safe grids

01-23-17, 12:11 pm
I bought mine at Kmart (although there is no longer a Kmart within a 100 mile radius of me as of last summer). Do be aware that Kmart has two different brands of cubes. One of them is the safe 9x9 size, but the other was a mixed box that had some 9x9 and some 5x5 in it.

01-23-17, 02:38 pm
I got mine at Sears. I looked online and found the one close to me that had some in store and went and picked them up.

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01-23-17, 04:51 pm
amazon has them for only 14.88 for 4 cubes, whitmoor brand... I have used them with no issues