View Full Version : Midwest Cages From PetSmart?

mochi the pig
01-18-17, 10:44 am
I have a Midwest Cage myself, and I was just wondering what you guys' thoughts on it were. It comes with a divider and a ramp, but I don't use it since Mochi (my piggy) is terrified of it.

01-18-17, 11:37 am
Personally, although the Midwest cage is an acceptable size cage for one piggy, I would use the Midwest cage as a temporary cage for sick piggies or quarantine cage and just build a C&C cage. But then again I am one that feels that a 2x3 cage is too small for just one guinea pig. Considering how active guinea pigs are how much much space they really enjoy.

01-18-17, 12:16 pm
I use a Midwest for a temporary cage when I take them on holiday. The cage and canvas bottom fold up nicely to carry around and pack in the trunk of the car. It is too small for two guinea pigs everyday but they were fine for a week over Christmas. I also use it when I need to change out the wood pellets. I used up a bunch of old fleece to make liners with towels.

01-18-17, 01:34 pm
I would not use the divider and ramp for it. It really cuts down the space that they can run around.

mochi the pig
01-18-17, 02:05 pm
I use a Midwest for a temporary cage when I take them on holiday.

You take them on holiday?! How nice! How do they act during holidays? I like the idea of that, but I feel as if my piggie will be scared to death. [emoji23]

01-18-17, 02:28 pm
The act even more spoiled than they do at home. They are a little scared at first but settle down after a day. All that attention, so many people to give them treats! They think they are entitled to one bowl of veggies per person in the kitchen.

The car ride is three hours and they are well behaved in the carrier. They are fine for the week with a little less space to run around in the Midwest. They have their beds, one footstool and one tunnel. I only use one pellet dish and one bottle but they're good at taking turns. By the end of the week they get a little cranky, but then, so do I.

I pack one suitcase for me and three bags for them. Divas!lol

01-18-17, 08:33 pm
Midwest cages are too small and enough informative comments have been made about them. Also agree that even the 2x3 C&C cages are small as well. 2x4 grid cage is the true suggested size for one or two guinea pigs.

This thread is closed as the standards for cages established here for decades are not up for debate. Thank you.