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01-17-17, 03:56 pm
Hello, I have called all the specialty vet hospitals in the area and none are able to help. My guinea pig has been lethargic for a few days, but is still eating and drinking. She is about 1 year old and today I noticed she was wheezing and breathing heavily with some grunting. I can feel the raspiness of her lungs holding her. I am giving her some oregano now, but what else can I do? I found some pet antibiotics online, but I'm skeptical. What can I do?

01-17-17, 04:21 pm
find an exotic vet in your area asap.

01-17-17, 04:25 pm
I have called all of them and one I just found was closed. I have also used other vet's references with no more findings either��

01-17-17, 05:48 pm
What do you mean, none of the vets was able to help? Could you not get an appointment? Or they wouldn't prescribe meds without seeing the pig? Or what?

Oregano is useless for this.

01-17-17, 06:00 pm
If there are no exotics vets, available, you could always try a small animal vet and ask for exactly what you want prescribed (I'd go for doxycycline personally, but you can do more research on guinealynx.)

In the meantime, keep your pig eating and hydrated as best you can, by any means possible. Good luck!

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01-17-17, 06:12 pm
I called all the exotic vets in my area. All would not see guinea pigs except the one that was closed. It was very frustrating.

01-17-17, 06:15 pm
I've been trying to reach one all afternoon, but they don't see guinea pigs or the rodent vet was out. I have made her a vegetable mush with oranges.

01-17-17, 08:51 pm
If they don't see guinea pigs, they're not exotic vets.

What is the nearest city to you? Maybe we can help you find a vet.

01-17-17, 09:19 pm
My pet store just found me a vet near me but it's closed. I'm going to call in the morning. No more wheezing, but shallow breathing and mouth opening and closing.

01-17-17, 09:40 pm
She's gone

01-17-17, 09:45 pm
Is there anything I can do for my other three? I had the sick one isolated for a while, but I don't know if the others were infected. I contacted an emergency vet for advice but I have to call in the morning.

01-17-17, 09:48 pm
I'm sorry for your loss.

I would start weighing the others every week and watching them closely for any symptoms, making sure they're all eating/drinking and pooping a normal amount, as energetic as usual, and not having any trouble breathing. If there are no symptoms and their weights are constant, you probably have nothing to worry about.

01-17-17, 10:10 pm
I wouldn't trust a vet recommended by a pet store. They usually have a very minimal budget for sick animals, and do not usually refer to exotic vets.

If you'll tell us where you are (city/state only, not your actual address), we'll see if we can help you find a vet.

01-17-17, 10:29 pm

I'm contacting this vet tomorrow.

01-17-17, 11:25 pm
There is no vet at that clinic specializing in exotic pets. They say they do, but nobody has any certification.

When you look at a vet's website, you need to look at the biographies of the vets and see if any of them have any additional education/training in the care of exotic pets.

01-18-17, 12:24 am
I'm not sure how close it is to you but there is this vet http://sharoncentervethospital.vetstreet.com/

Alternatively you could look through the vet list over at guinea lynx and see if there is anything close to you. http://www.guinealynx.info/vetlist.html

01-18-17, 11:54 am
Thanks! I'll call in a moment