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12-29-16, 04:59 pm
Hey guys I'm a new guinea pig owner but am very accustomed to small animal care having owned many gerbils hamsters and rats.
At the moment I have two guinea pigs (two girls) they were adopted along side each other and a single boar the boar as of yet has been kept in a deceased gerbils tank (120 gallon) the tank is really nice and big but my problem is I'm.adopting three new gerbils and require the tank back and always new the tank was only temporary until I got the boar neutered and returned with the females. My cage at the moment is 12 square feet which if I'm aware is plenty big for three guinea pigs but at the moment it's quite annoying to clean and I'm considering adding a kitchen. My dilemma at the moment is that the shop selling chloroplast in town has closed and I can't afford to import it I'm considering using an old bin cage I used for a hamster a long time ago that's around 390-400 square inches would it be okay to attach this to the end of my CNC cage and use it as a kitchen/bay area to make cleanup easier or are bin cages unacceptable (don't hear of them being used much in the guinea pig scene) thanks

12-30-16, 01:07 am
It may be theoretically possible to attach a bin cage to a C&C cage, but you'd be better off seeking out discarded coroplast, in my opinion. It's used often in signs and things, and scraps are often thrown away.

The reasons bin cages aren't used for guinea pigs are 1. that they're typically much too small and 2. that there's not enough ventilation. If you widened the air holes and left the lid off I don't see why you couldn't use it as a kitchen, though.

I am a little worried that you're getting more pets when you can't afford to buy coroplast online- my 2x6 c&c cage cost about 90$ off this website, and that includes a lid I no longer use. Vet bills often cost much more than that. If you already have three guinea pigs, I'd be saving my money in case of an emergency rather than adopting more pets. (I understand the appeal, though. The gerbils at the shelter I volunteer at absolutely melt my heart.)

Also, 12sq feet is small for two females and a boar, but it definitely beats him being in a tank- again, very bad ventilation. As soon as it's been a month since he was fixed I'd try intros, but definitely look into expanding the cage.

Good luck and welcome to the forum!

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12-30-16, 04:59 am
Well I technically can afford all the chloroplast as it is currently my job to house sick and unwell exotic animals but I would rather not as at the moment with new gerbils coming and 17 pets already in my care I try to cut corners where I can do you really think chloroplast.is the best ide.

Just thought it'd be handier to use some supplies I have laying around rather than spending more money but I suppose if the welfare of the guinea pigs is at stake I can't resist

01-06-17, 03:02 pm
I use a shallow bin without the top as a kitchen. http://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20170106/3b6ee7c1fdfd31587da82282cc6b438a.jpghttp://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20170106/0969008114533b048e43829ab906825f.jpg

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