View Full Version : Coroplast Scoring Coroplast for Transportation

12-27-16, 06:13 pm
I'm a person who likes everything very very neat. Would it work if I scored the coroplast in half in order to transport it in my car? Will it still look nice when I take it out? I just don't want to have a big crease down the center of my coroplast :)

12-27-16, 06:24 pm
You can actually roll it fairly tightly. It will fit in the back seat of a smallish car.

12-27-16, 06:31 pm
But will it look normal when I unroll it?

12-28-16, 09:20 am
I have done this. I have a 2x5 c&c. I scored it in two places - at the end where I expected to cut it off anyway, and half way down from that. I had it laid out on the floor of Home Depot and nobody looked at me twice. I put white duct tape over the score when I got it home and put that side face down.

It would have worked like a charm except I made my first cut on the wrong end when I got home. :ohmy: Measure twice, cut once.

I will definitely do it again when it's time for a new base.