View Full Version : I can't post!

11-12-05, 10:11 pm
Are you registered?

First, you have to REGISTER.

It's a TWO-STEP process:

Fill in the online registration form: http://cavycages.com/forum/register.php?

REPLY to the EMAIL that will be sent to the address you specified during registration.

BE SURE that your spam filter didn't move it to a spam folder or deleted folder.
If you've done that and are still having difficulty, trying logging all the way off the forum by using the 'log out' function at the top right of the forum menu bar, close your browser totally and then re-open your browser and try logging in again. Sometimes your 'cookies' need to be reset and that will help reset your cookies.

If you didn't get the email or feel that the registration didn't go through properly, please email me ([email protected]) with your user name and I'll reset it for you.

What is your title?

Cavy Slave or Cavy Person? If you are a Cavy Person, you are not permitted to post in the Kitchen, Adoption, or Vegetarian forum. Everyone is a Cavy Slave unless the administrator changed your status to Cavy Person.