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12-21-16, 02:41 am
I'm a piggy step-mom to 7 pigs. Yep, 7. We are currently working on getting them appropriately sized housing (wrong sex determination resulted in 2 surprise pregnancies). In the mean time, they are getting a lot of floor time, they love it. Pigs are Jade (mom) and Elle (Dad), Mrs. Fluffles (f), Nutmeg (f), Crumpets (m), Wolfy (m), and Miasma (m). All unknown short hair breed mixes.

I'm so happy I found all of you here just full of cavy knowledge for me to find. I'm sure there will be plenty of pictures to follow!

12-21-16, 08:51 am

You don't say how old the pups are, but the male pups have to be separated from their mom and sisters at 21 days of age, or you'll have more than seven pigs.

Here's some good reading material for new pig owners:


12-21-16, 12:13 pm
Hi and welcome to the family!!! Wow, 7, how awesome!!!! I only have two and have felt a bit overwhelmed at times. They sound like a lot of fun though. There are lots extremely knowledgeable people on here, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask!!!

12-21-16, 10:40 pm
They were pretty old when we separated them. The cage was too crowded, but we had to wait to get a boy cage. We got there too late, which is why there are 5 pups. The first liter is about 7 months old. Nutmeg and Miasma are 4 months old. We're pretty sure they all have the same dad because of the coloring of the second liter.