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12-18-16, 10:15 pm
I initially planned on getting guinea pigs two year ago, but ended up getting a second hamster. Before the hamster, though, I researched thoroughly on guinea pigs and attempted to find all the supplies I needed. Of course, being over two years ago, I totally forgot about it!

Since 2013 I've had over 30 hamsters (majority of those being fosters, I'm not a crazy hamster recycler!). 2014 brought me two rats, and now I have seven. I also have three cats. For a long time I had no less than five hamsters at a time, but now I'm down to my last two and ready to take a break from them after my two pass. I've got a dedicated room for my rats and hamsters and I believe a nice c&c cage would fit well.

I've been in contact with a local rescue, EARPS, about fostering some guinea pigs starting over the summer. I won't have classes then so I feel like it would be a good time to be able to spend time with them and learn if we're a good fit for each other.

So, if anyone has/had both rats and pigs and knows any overlap of care/supplies, I'd love to hear about it. And basically anything you think I need to know! I'll be glued to the forum posts for a while.

12-18-16, 11:01 pm
Good for you for fostering all those critters!

I have no experience with small furries other than guinea pigs, so I'll let the others comment about that. But here's some recommended reading material for pig owners:


12-18-16, 11:49 pm
I've never owned rats, but I have taken care of shelter rats and friends' rats before. The main supplies that would be the same for both guinea pigs and rats is water bottles and bedding, any bedding which can be used for rats is also safe for guinea pigs, either plain or in conjunction with fleece. Guinea pigs are very different from most rats in their diets and the way they like to interact with people, but they're both very fun species to keep as pets. The primary differences between guinea pigs and rats is a guinea pig's lifespan is much longer and the medical issues you're likely to encounter are often different.

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